About us...

Yumi Packaging Technology is a company that has been in the food packaging sector for nearly 20 years.
It is a company that makes packing machines for granular filling, screw filling, all powder and granular 
products to date with the number of machines that it has produced in nearly 1000 in Turkey.

It is a company that has existed for 20 years with the technical team working in the service 
of the customer with 7/24 service. Our aim is a company that plans to provide the best service to our customers
 with our machines, with our technical service and with the spare parts if necessary.

Yumi Packaging Technology has always been customer focused and providing the best service since its establishment.
 Our next plan will continue to provide the best service with our machines and equipment that are on the market.

We produce our packaging machines in Gaziantep with our highest technological machines in our factory.
 We produce multi-10, multi-14, multi-20 scales, volumetric volumetric semi-pounds up to five 
kilograms linear (4 scale machines) in our packaging machines. We also produce all kinds of
 special packaging machines upon request of our customers.

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